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Safe Food Delivery Service in Baltimore During Covid

Safe Food Delivery Service in Baltimore During Covid

As the COVID-19 lockdown begins, TourampFood is committed to enhancing our security procedures on a daily basis. The central government has recognized the online distribution of food and groceries as an important service that helps keep many people healthy indoors.
Furthermore, reputable bodies such as India's Food and Safety Standards Authority and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that food has not been found to be a mode of COVID-19 transmission
However, here are a few of the many steps we've put in place to further reduce the low chance of transmission during your distribution experience:

Delivery Partner Training

We provide updates to our service partners on best practices for respiratory hygiene, correct process and duration of handwashing, and recognition of related signs on a daily basis to ensure that your order is shipped safely. As a ready reckoner, a series of videos recording pertinent information taken in various languages is being circulated

Masks for Delivery Partners

Via our network of cloud kitchens and suppliers, we've been working hard to get masks to all of our distribution partners. We've also developed a technology-based approach to track distribution partners' mask use before they begin shipping every day.

No-Contact Delivery

We launched the non-contact delivery option on our app in March 2020 to make deliveries safer for you and our delivery partners. You will preserve the social distance between you and your delivery partner by opting for a contactless delivery. In this scenario, the order will be dropped off at your door or door and collected at your discretion

Restaurant Partner Advisory

We shared a thorough consultation with all our restaurant members on the best practices to enable healthy and hygienic preparation of all orders. These include hand-wash systems, universal temperature controls, use of 3-ply face masks for all employees, self-quarantine procedures in the event of sickness, and sanitation for distribution partners at pick-up points. We also encourage partners to pack all orders into different bags in order to protect the order from touch during transport.

Auditing Restaurants with Best Safety Standards

We collaborate closely with restaurants that we have recognized to take additional steps, including regular personnel testing, maintenance of high levels of hygiene, and healthy packaging. For such restaurants, you should search for the best safety badge or set. You can also take a look at the kitchen in many of these restaurants to view pictures of their safety processes in their Tourampfood menu in the Security Standards section.

We take steps to stop the spread

The involvement of a few supply partners on the roads contributes to safeguarding millions of Indians. This is what we do to keep both you and you safe in the occasional case where the delivery partner tests positive or shows signs considering all the precautions we are taking:

1.The infected delivery partner (or the alleged infected one) is asked to avoid temporarily distributing orders.

2.The execution partner shall be forwarded for testing and/or treatment to the closest available specialist. The supplier is therefore quarantined immediately.

3.We then recognize additional delivery partners in a recent interaction with the delivery partner (or those suspected of being infected). They too must avoid providing briefly, be checked and isolated for the suggested duration.

4.With the assistance of local officials, any customers and restaurants that the contaminated (or presumed infected) distribution partner may have recently interacted with are detected and notified.

5.All of the actions mentioned above are completed within 24 hours of us learning of the incident.

6.For at least two weeks, any distribution partner who is momentarily terminated due to Covid-related factors is paid 1.5 times their minimum promised earnings. There are also income security and medical care programs in order to help them financially.

There are a few simple steps you can do to ensure that your food order is risk-free.

Before & While Receiving Your Order

Pick dishes that have been cooked thoroughly.

Ordering dishes that ask for fresh or undercooked ingredients is a bad idea. Instead, use meals that need to be cooked at high temperatures, such as pizzas, curries, steamed vegetables, baked meats, and so on.

After Receiving Your Order