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Restaurants can now use our takeaway service paying less commission

We discussed how the food ordering company is making a strong recovery after the initial setback of the continuing pandemic in our previous mid-covid report. In our food delivery operation, we are currently running at 110 percent of our pre-covid GMV run rate.
Food delivery is safe, according to the WHO, and people need not be concerned about food packaging. Since the first lockout in March, we've delivered over 13 crore orders, with no recorded incidences of covid transmission through food or its packaging

While the foregoing signals are positive, we must remember that:
a) growth has not been consistent, and
b) the food service industry as a whole is still recovering.
The sector will continue to require every assistance in order to return to pre-covid levels

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Based on these findings, we've been concentrating on discovering new methods to serve our consumers securely while also helping our restaurant partners expand sustainably. Customers being able to pick up their own orders was a popular solution that checked all the boxes

This resolves a number of concerns

Since the commencement of the lockout, millions of clients have yet to place their order. We believe that many of them will start eating restaurant meals if there is a safe and convenient takeaway option available

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For restaurants that already offer delivery, takeout offers another method to reach out to new clients and expand their business.

In fact, takeout on our app has seen phenomenal growth in recent months, with order volume jumping by more than 200 percent.
So we provide our take-away service to our restaurant partners less of charges to help restaurants meet these demands immediately. We charge less commission
We're already live with 55,000+ eateries across the country, serving tens of thousands of takeaway orders every week. This is another step we're taking to assist the restaurant industry in quickly regaining its footing.

On the restaurant menu pageTourampfood, here's how our customers can switch to the takeaway option -

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Customers can also use the relevant criteria on our main page to find all restaurants that offer takeout –

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We continue to place a high focus on safety. We'll keep working with our restaurant partners to ensure that they follow all safety precautions, and we'll continue to encourage our customers to wear masks and practice social distancing while picking up their meals

Please contact your account manager or email us at if you are interested in signing up for this service.