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Tourampfood partner registration number & tie up charges

Here's how to link your restaurant with Tourampfood. Links to the Tourampfood partner entry form, contact details, and tie up fees

Tourampfood Partner Registration – Often Asked Questions

The below are some of the most often asked questions and responses about Tourampfood enrollment.

yes. Tourampfood has a phone number that you can dial if you have any questions about the Tourampfood tie up

There are no fees or charges associated with getting the listing up and running on Tourampfood. Tourampfood, on the other hand, charges a fee on the profits they make for you. Usually, the commission rate ranges between 10 to 20 percent plus taxes

Since your restaurant is Tourampfood exclusive, it should not be classified on any other food ordering portal other than Tourampfood. The advantage is that Tourampfood expands your outlet's distribution network, increasing the amount of orders you get. You may also bargain with lower commission fees

Please check the bottom of their homepage to see if Tourampfood is available in your area. Baltimore and the most famous city

Tourampfood does not disclose any information about its customers' orders. As a result, you will be unable to communicate directly with the customer or use Tourampfood to construct your CRM

How to register your restaurant in Tourampfood?

Getting your restaurant listed in Tourampfood is a great way to increase sales

The following are the steps for registering your restaurant with Tourampfood.

1. Prepare soft versions of the KYC. When uploading the Tourampfood partnership registration form, you must upload soft copies of your KYC (Driving licence / international Passport ) documents.

2. Send your restaurant's information to Tourampfood.To access the Tourampfood partner registration form, go to this page. After you enter your basic information, the full form will appear. Fill in the blanks and upload the soft copies of the papers.

3. If the registration form is unavailable, please contact Tourampfood with this subject line. Although the registration form is the best method, if you have any problems, you can send an email to with the subject "I want to partner my restaurant with Tourampfood."

4. Waiting for a call from a Tourampfood official, which could take about 2 weeks.You should finalise your online menu and prices as you wait for a call from Tourampfood. Additionally, ensure that you have a bank account that can be added to the Tourampfood account

5. Launch: Have an online menu, prices, and operating hours. You will also have different prices for your online menu on Tourampfood. Give your Tourampfood Point of Contact the menu info, food photographs, restaurant hours, extra costs, and so on (POC).

6. Send a note to Tourampfood Cares on Twitter if you get trapped.Tourampfood provides active support on Twitter, so if you get lost anywhere along the way, try DMing @tourampfood