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From Where I can order the most hygienic food in Lagos

From Where I can order the most hygienic food in Lagos

Tourampfood is an underappreciated Asian food paradise that serves delectable Chinese dishes like gooey Dimsums, Thukpa, and a wide variety of gravies. Foodies trust tourampfood because of its freshness, cleanliness, and safety requirements. These standards have been much more strict since Covid-19, and their employees are now required to wear hand gloves and masks at all times. For deliveries, the brand uses 100 percent enclosed containers and only buys produce from hygiene-certified manufacturers.
Every six months, it also performs equinox grooming audits at its own locations.The online food ordering industry is rising by the day, thanks to the migration of young people into major cities. Many food vendors have already started to approve direct purchase orders via online order management in order to increase online purchases and stay ahead of the competition.
Because of their hectic schedules, people do not have enough time to feed. You may even be overworked at work or at home In this scenario, you can use our app to find your favorite restaurant, order snacks, and place orders. Touramp Food is a Lagos-based online food delivery service. We also have an easy-to-use website and app that connects you to us and helps you to order food and have it shipped right to your door. Customer care is available around the clock, seven days a week. As a result, don't worry about your food!
Even if the location is inconvenient for you, you can still order food from your favorite restaurant through our touramp food program. While there are numerous online food service portals, Tourampfood is the best online food and service application in Lagos
When a customer places an online order, we are informed, and the restaurant begins cooking and delivering the food on schedule, according to the delivery time specified when the order was placed.

Delivery Partner Training

To ensure that your order is delivered securely, we provide regular reminders to our service providers on best practices for respiratory hygiene, the proper procedure and time of handwashing, and the identification of relevant signals. A collection of videos capturing relevant knowledge in different languages is being distributed as a ready reckoner

Masks for Delivery Partners

We've been working hard to get masks to all of our delivery partners, using our network of cloud kitchens and suppliers. We've also created a technology-based solution for tracking delivery partners' mask use until they start shipping every day.

No-Contact Delivery

In March 2020, we added a non-contact delivery alternative to our app to make deliveries better for both you and our delivery partners. By going for a contactless delivery, you can maintain the social space between you and your delivery partner. In this case, the shipment will be sent to your door or door and picked up at your leisure

Restaurant Partner Advisory

We had a lengthy discussion with all of our restaurant members on the best methods for preparing all orders in a safe and hygienic manner. Hand-washing stations, uniform temperature sensors, 3-ply face masks for all workers, self-quarantine protocols in the case of illness, and hygiene for distribution partners at pick-up points are among these measures. We also advise partners to separate all orders into various bags to prevent them from being touched during transportation.

Auditing Restaurants with Best Safety Standards

We work closely with restaurants that we have identified as needing to take extra precautions, such as routine employee testing, maintaining high standards of grooming, and using safe packaging. You should look for the right safety badge or collection for such restaurants. Many of these restaurants' Tourampfood menus have pictures of their safety processes in the Security Standards section, which you can see in the kitchen

We take steps to stop the spread

The presence of a few procurement partners on the roads helps to protect millions of Indians. This is what we do to keep both you and your delivery partner secure in the rare situation where the delivery partner tests positive or shows symptoms despite all of our precautions:

1.The infected delivery partner (or the alleged infected one) is asked to avoid temporarily distributing orders

2.The execution partner will be sent to the nearest available doctor for assessment and/or treatment. As a result, the retailer is automatically quarantined

3.In a recent encounter with the delivery partner, we then recognise additional delivery partners (or those suspected of being infected). They, too, must avoid supplying information quickly, be tested, and separated for the time period specified

4.Customers and restaurants that may have recently dealt with the affected (or suspected infected) delivery partner are identified and contacted with the help of local authorities

5.Many of the aforementioned steps are taken within 24 hours of us learning about the incident

6.Any delivery partner who is temporarily dismissed due to Covid-related reasons is paid 1.5 times their minimum promised earnings for at least two weeks. Wage protection and medical treatment services are also available to assist them financially

You should take a few basic precautions to guarantee that your food order is safe

Before & While Receiving Your Order

Pick dishes that have been cooked thoroughly

It's not a good idea to order dishes that call for raw or undercooked ingredients. Instead, go for dishes that need high-heat cooking, such as pizzas, curries, steamed vegetables, baked meats, and so on.

After Receiving Your Order