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About Us

Tourampfood - Free Food Ordering Solution

Tourampfood is a restaurant owner and foodie-friendly online and mobile food ordering system. We assist consumers in locating the best eateries in the city through Foodchow. If you own a restaurant, you can quickly register your business and upload a menu to begin accepting online orders for free through this rapidly expanding site

Our Vision

The Food Ordering System will be an Internet-based programme that will accept individual or group meal orders, process payments, and trigger delivery of the cooked meals to a chosen location for food enthusiasts who wish to buy food from local restaurants online. Restaurant owners that wish to expand their company online may do so on a shoestring budget and receive orders from a larger number of consumers. Without any technological skills, a restaurant owner can increase his or her presence on the internet


We are a rapidly expanding online meal ordering platform. We want to make it possible for even tiny restaurant businesses to go online for free. Thousands of restaurants have registered with Tourampfood, and many more will do so soon, ensuring that every Tourampfood client has access to a diverse menu and may select favourite dishes from a local restaurant. In just one year, Tourampfood has expanded to more than five nations

Our Values

Dedicated- We are dedicated towards our customer’s satisfaction and find our customer’s happiness our number one priority.

Reliable- You can totally rely on us for your meals, we assure our customers to deliver within ‘x’ minutes of placing the order

Organized- We have an expert team of app developers and managers to provide you the best experience while placing your scrumptious orders. We are systematically able when it comes to delivery

Flexible- We, at Tourampfood do not take criticisms personally and take every customer’s review into account. We take the positives out your reviews and take immediate action

Working In COVID-19 Conditions

We do know that this current pandemic has made you more conscious about bringing any foreign object into the house, especially consumable items. We understand this and take all the necessary precautions. Adapting to the new normal has been our precedence. As precautions, we do daily temperature checks, frequent sanitization- to name a few

Why Us?

A Step Ahead- We are always ahead when it comes to development and service. Tourampfood has the capability to grow in all perspectives; by technology, hygiene, food and our overall business. Comprehensive knowledge-

We have extensive knowledge in managing many businesses at once. We have stalwart managers who implement the ideas and technologies rightfully. Wholesomeness- We are maintained and clean at all times. After all, Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Our Assurances

We serve the food which WE would love to eat, nothing else. There is no alternative to the original food you have ordered, this is our guarantee. We do think through a global perspective, but serve locally to our customers; that is our motto

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Two alternative ordering methods have been introduced by Tourampfood.

Tourampfood customers have the option of ordering food through any way. Tourampfood also offers restaurant owners the option of using any or all of their ordering methods.